Can i just make money off of cosplaying Badou plz qq

Just discovered a large spider web behind my bed

There will be no sleeping tonight…

Mojlnir broke my internet qq

Every woman here at the airport is reading Fifty Shades of Grey

Goodwill hunting battle scars


My papa in Norway always catches me online late at night here in the states and tells me to go to bed…<3

Oh gawd…

i’m so selfish…

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo

56 minutes in and i’m unsure if i can bring myself to finish it |:


I think i’m the annoying friend /:

Store employees

I always feel half my age whenever I talk to them, even if they’re close to my own

Late night snack.

went into the kitchen to get a light snack, and couldn’t decide between an apple or yogurt ….but then i saw the chocolate.

Where’d my spring break go.

i got nothing done


Senior day.

Walked around campus looking for some freebies/drink samples today :D

Seating chart.

Just because our seats aren’t assigned, doesn’t mean its ok to take mine after I’ve been sitting there for six weeks.

Ben and Jerrys.

If I got one for each of us, don’t eat mine.